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Tankers and Specialist Services

Milk distribution

Gregory has played a key role in the UK dairy industry for more than 20 years. Today we are fully organic and BRC-certified and run a fleet of over 40 articulated tankers transporting dairy products for food processors and manufacturers. Our tanks, made to food grade specifications, meet stringent hygiene regulations and we supply certification of cleaning and all necessary and relevant paperwork for the product carried and its destination. We collect:

  • more than 3.5 million litres of milk every day
  • from over 1,200 farms
  • across the South West and Southern England

Environmental, industrial, domestic and agricultural waste

Gregory provides a range of transport services for the environmental waste and agriculture sector with specialist equipment that includes waste tankers, hook-lifts, tippers and moving floor trailers. Our specialist tankers, with capacities that range from 8,100 to 27,200 litres, collect liquid wastes and sludge for the industrial and domestic sectors. These tankers have on-board measuring devices to record dry solids within the liquid waste.

We also have a fleet of rigid and artic bulk tippers and hook-lift vehicles to carry a variety of wastes as well as bio-solids, aggregates, earth, composts, sand and dredging.

All our vehicles are sealed and capable of handling a wetter substance if required. Every driver is trained to operate plant machinery to assist with loading.

Recycled waste

With over 100 moving floor and 50 chipliner trailers, we are one of the largest recycled waste transport fleets of any UK operator. Our moving floor trailers use a system of planked flooring to move loose or bulk loads in or out and are ideally suited to transporting recycled waste products. Chipliner trailers offer the flexibility of the traditional ‘soft-sided’ trailer for palletised product whilst also allowing trouble free, through the roof, loading of:

  • recycled wood products
  • sawdust
  • woodchips
  • bio-wood waste

Our customers in this sector include county councils, manufacturers of wood products and alternative fuel processing plants.

Other bulk liquids

We also have a fleet of tankers transporting bulk liquids such as fruit juices and concentrates for food processors and manufacturers.

Forklift transportation

We operate both dedicated and third party logistics solutions for the MHE transportation market across the UK. Our trailers are designed with low gradient rear door ramps and are fitted with sliding roofs and winches to transport a variety of forklifts, MHE or plant machinery and we are members of the Safe User Group of the Fork Lift Truck Association.