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South West Water Interworks Tankering


Gregory Distribution and South West Water have been in partnership since 2005, following a contract award to transport Interworks Sludges from over 600 collection sites to 24 treatment centres throughout Devon and Cornwall.

This area of our operations is one which we particularly pride ourselves on and we have introduced service-based policies, methods, new technology and innovations such as on-board measuring devices, LEV hose reels and tank monitoring systems which have transformed the way in which sludge transport and contract management is viewed by South West Water.

The introduction of these practices has allowed both parties to have unprecedented opportunities to manage and plan sludge treatment in conjunction with transport. The net result is that we have worked together in true partnership to identify and implement efficiency gains.

Our ability and willingness to address areas of improvement and work with South West Water in reducing costs is an asset which has benefited both companies – South West Water have reduced costs and closer control over its operations whilst Gregory Distribution has benefited through the award of new contracts and contract extensions.


  • Double shifting vehicles gives the customer a reduced rate for a second shift
  • Reviewing site access issues and where possible improve the site to gain a larger vehicle and reduce tanker movements
  • Monthly area meetings to discuss costs, dry solids, volumes, tanker utilisation and scheduling issues
  • Monthly accrual within three days of month end to ensure all costs are verified and can be easily reported
  • Live Traffic Pad which updates all Drivers locations and jobs covered
  • Monthly KPIs to suit customer’s requirements
  • Drinking water deliveries covered within Devon and Cornwall, along with water bowser hire
  • Emergency Tankering and 24 hours call out 7 days per week

Customer Services

Our relationship with South West Water is based on trust and a proven track record to deliver results and built around some of the following key points:

  • Customer convenience
  • Quality assurance
  • Integrity of supply
  • Value for money
  • Speed of response

Awards and Accolades’

  • South West Water 2008 Supplier Awards – Pure Environment
  • South West Water 2011 Supplier Awards – Pure Environment
  • South West Water 2012 Supplier Awards – Pure Water
  • South West Water 2013 Supplier Awards – Pure Water
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