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Walker’s Shortbread

Walker’s Shortbread was founded in Speyside, Scotland by Joseph Walker in 1898. Five generations on, Walker’s still proudly bakes shortbread from this location and remain true to the recipes originally created by founder Joseph.

For over a decade, we have helped Walker’s get their much-loved products to shop shelves across the UK. In this case study, Walker’s share their thoughts on what makes our partnership a success.

What we do

ARR Craib, one of our Scottish businesses, work with Walker’s to transport their goods. As their largest haulier, we transport over 25 million Walker’s products every year. We share the same family-focused principles as Walker’s, putting people at the forefront of our partnership.

What makes our relationship a success

Brian Shand, Despatch Manager from Walker’s Shortbread explains what they think makes our partnership a success:

“ARR Craib are our go to company for our transportation needs. All the staff are extremely helpful and over the years, they have shown us that they will go the extra mile to ensure our products are delivered on time. As a business we feel that the team at ARR Craib are proud to be associated with Walker’s, just as we are proud to be associated with them.”

Ailidh Young, Sales Co-ordinator from ARR Craib shares her view on our working relationship:

“I really enjoy working closely with Walker’s Shortbread to ensure a high level of service is always maintained. Our shared family-values make this easy to achieve and I take great pride in being a small part of the process of getting Walker’s products to their customers.”

Looking to the future

Walker’s Shortbread, ARR Craib, and the wider Gregory Group, share a very similar vision for the future.

As businesses we value our heritage but also want to keep evolving to be the best we can be. We achieve this by working in true partnership – regularly sharing knowledge and always pushing for improvements. Ultimately, we want each other to succeed, and we work together to make that happen.

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