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Pollock receives Amazon sustainability award

We proudly received the Amazon UK Sustainability Above and Beyond Award at the recent Amazon FASTforward conference in recognition of our focus on renewable logistics.

Amazon FASTforward is an annual event which promotes the use of sustainable transportation technologies, fuel, and vehicles. All of Amazon’s relay carriers are invited to the global event to learn about the latest innovations and best practice in sustainable transportation.

Delivered by our Pollock business, we have supported Amazon with a middle mile solution since 2018. Two years ago, we switched all trucks to HVO – a renewable fuel powered by hydrogenated vegetable oil – to support Amazon with their sustainability target to be company net zero by 2040.

As a result of our commitment to a greener transportation future, we are the number one Amazon carrier in the UK for sustainable fuels.

Amazon Sustainability Above and Beyond award
Pictured (from left to right): Michael Yoong – Amazon Transport Carrier Manager, Annette Nemethova – Gregory Group Sustainability Lead, Malcolm Wilde – Gregory Group Scotland Director, and Ollie MacIntyre – Amazon Transport Carrier Manager.

The award was collected by Annette Nemethova, our Group Sustainability Lead (second from the left), and Malcolm Wilde, Gregory Group Scotland Director (second from the right). When asked about the award Malcolm said:

“While Amazon plan to be net zero by 2040, our target is to be net zero by 2038. These symbiotic goals mean we can effectively support one another on our journey to achieving them.

“We are very focused on transforming the logistics sector into one that protects rather than damages our planet, which is why it is an honour to be recognised as the carrier that goes “above and beyond”.

Annette added: “We travel approximately 1.4 million kilometres on renewable fuels for Amazon every year. That is preventing 1,200 tonnes of CO2e from going into the atmosphere every annum. Receiving this award is a reminder of what can be achieved when two businesses with the same sustainable vision work together.

“It has been brilliant to be among so many like-minded businesses at the FASTforward conference. Alongside them, I am excited to make the future of transportation a reality.”


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